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Your training needs

Organisations that invest in training are more productive, proactive and profitable. It is important that your organisation has a good understanding of its training needs.

TAFE Queensland has an extensive range of training products - more than 800 programs across all industry sectors. TAFE can tailor specific training solutions for your company.

Contact an institute and they will conduct a skills audit and training needs analysis to assess the level of skills within your organisation. Assess your training needs by these four steps:

Step 1: Look at your business

Training is about developing skills, changing attitudes and learning different ideas.

How well are we doing?

Am I completely satisfied with:

What goals do I want my business to achieve? Look at the:

Ask key staff or managers in your business what they want to accomplish and how training could help them achieve their goals.

Step 2: Look at your staff

Your organisation needs to invest in training and skills so staff can confidently do their job. Consult with all staff on an annual basis to determine their training and development needs.

Consult your employees, analyse the results and determine where the skill gaps lie. Compare the skills your staff currently have with the skills they require to do their job, and with the skills they will require to improve.

Step 3: Identify your training needs and create a training plan

Analyse the information from staff skills and gaps, with information on your business goals. This analysis will help to identify your organisation's training needs.

When your training needs have been identified, a training and development plan can be established. The plan will help you work with your chosen institute to organise and manage the type of training that will best meet your needs.

Step 4: Choose an institute

Search all TAFE Queensland courses to find courses for your staff training. Choose the institute(s) and delivery mode that best suits your training needs.

TAFE Queensland institutes specialise in developing customised solutions for businesses, using a wide range of flexible learning options.

This page was last updated at 08-May-2013

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